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unnamed broadway musical: the musical
(no more performances)


Interdisciplinary artist Kara Hearn presents a defiantly optimistic, barebones, experimentally cast musical production that uses an orphan-themed Broadway musical (hereafter referred to as "[unnamed Broadway musical]"), as its point of departure.

The cast, under the guidance of an expert creative team, has the creative challenge of generating a production that somehow fulfills the performers' sincere desire to be in [unnamed Broadway musical] without them actually being in [unnamed Broadway musical].

Angela Williams

Cast member Angela Williams (left) brings her experience as an adoptee and an orphan (her adoptive parents having passed away when she was 10 and 20) to the collective narrative of "unnamed broadway musical".

"Being the only adoptee in the cast, I wanted to touch on my own experience of rejecting the 'grateful orphan' persona portrayed by characters like Annie, and the struggle to become someone who is free to be disillusioned with some aspects of her own adoption. My character Millicent, is an adoptee herself, and an advocate for open records -- specifically, she wants the other orphans and adoptees in the cast to obtain their birth certificates. We were encouraged by the creative team to invent characters who fulfill an artistic or personal fantasy and therefore Millicent undergoes a transformation from peaceful advocate to violent vigilante via a musical number (tentatively titled) 'Millicent's Song'":

Pia and Angela

MILLIE (peaceful advocate)
As orphans we're labeled abandoned and we are.
As adoptees we're called chosen and we are.
My brothers and sisters we may never share our genes
But we share a loss that borders on obscene.

I have been here from the start
I have struggled next to you.
For records that are vital and worth more than a title.

Kid gloves cloak my fist.
No one will resist.
Children, heed my call
And watch as they fall.

Cast and Team

MILLICENT (violent vigilante)
For years I've been your tireless advocate
Fighting the adoption syndicate
They act as if you're far too delicate
To handle your own birth certificate

Depression was my diagnosis
Adoption "issues" -- my neurosis
But thanks to our new symbiosis,
Witness my apotheosis!

I'm done with being masochistic
Now I'm only altruistic.
Some may say I'm a bit sadistic
But I'll wear their blood like bright red lipstick.

A new film, A Girl Like Her by Ann Fessler
will premiere at the Full Frame Documentary Festival
in Durham NC, April 12-15, 2012

Teen Talk Radio Show
Joyce Bahr & Hariett Shwartz Interview
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This entertaining, musical and educational play explores the feelings of an adopted woman,
as she is looking for her Mother and her Identity

A One-Hour, One Woman Play

Music and Lyrics by Howard Beckerman
with 2 songs by Linda Zoblotsky

Inspired and co-written by Rick Paul
with uplifting direction by Wendall Goings

People are curious about how adopted people cope with missing information about their ethnicity, moods, quirks and siblings? Adopted people want to know, "What do my birthparents look like? Do we have the same talents? Why did they give me up?" There are 6,000,000 adopted people in the United States.

Audiences, students and even adoptive parents can learn and understand why adopted people want to connect to their families in this humorous and thoughtful performance piece.

Past Performances and Reviews:

Washington DC at District of Columbia Arts Center Nov. 9, 2003
Show was awesome. Thanks for adding a new dimension to my life. -Martha Gold

CUB Retreat at Williamsburg VA, Radisson Hotel Oct. 11, 2003
"LUVCHILD was great! Loved it!" Four Star review from here! -Lorraine Dusky

Thanks for being such an amazing entertainer, allowing each of us at the '03 CUB retreat to leave on a high note! -Karen Vedder

Joyous Life Energy Center, NYC Oct. 5, 2003
I thank you so much for your openness and heartfelt thoughts. -Sabrina Moore

Adoption Forum in Lancaster PA, The Post Resort Center Oct. 4, 2003
Thank you so much for giving us the gift with your wonderful talent, wit and sensitivity. I totally enjoyed it and laughed and cried. -Carol Chandler

Albany/Berkeley California, Albany Community Center Sept. 25, 2003
What a wonderful show. I really liked how you were able to honor your adoptive family and your birth family and how effectively you made your political point in a good lively musical theatre piece. -Jo Coffey

Tulsa Oklahoma, Nightingale Theatre Aug. 11, 2003
I called Karen Vedder, Concerned United Birthparent's President and told her about your show. -Tammy Russle

First Performance, Children of Light Healing Center in NYC April 26, 2003
Thanks so much Linda -- It was a wonderful play. You've got great talent. -Carol Schaefer

For more information, please contact Linda at or 212-229-7632

An adoptee, Brian Stanton plays 12 characters in his search for his identity.

Rock Wilke's one man show begins with his biological beginnings.

Loggerheads shows the cruelty of outdated laws. It is about the only film that brings up the subject of underground search networks. A sad but excellent film.

New Movie: "Adopted" -- Story of Koreans adopted in the U.S.A.

Trailer for the film Mother and Child, directed by Rodrigo Garcia

Sheila Ganz, writer/director/producer/editor, is an artist, adoption reform activist and birthmother.

In 1968, twenty-year-old Sheila Ganz was raped, became pregnant, and unwillingly relinquished her baby for adoption. Twenty years later, she became an adoption reform advocate, was inspired to make a documentary, Unlocking the Heart of Adoption and found her daughter. This educational documentary chronicles Ganz's journey as a birthmother, and compelling first person stories of adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents in both same race and transracial adoptions. Ganz has since testified at hearings before the California Senate and House Judiciary Committees on legislation pertaining to adult adoptee civil rights and birthmother rights. She has appeared on television and radio talk shows to speak about adoption-related issues and her 'Letters to the Editor' have been published in newspapers around the country. Sheila Ganz completed her studies at San Francisco State University, earning a BA in Sculpture in 1982 and an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts in 1985. In 1984, Ganz earned her Black Belt in Karate. Her site-specific sculptures have been exhibited at the Moscone Center, Golden Gate Park and Bernal Heights in San Francisco, the Paul F. Romberg Center in Tiburon and a commissioned work at Shenandaoh Vineyards in Plymouth, CA. She has also written two full length plays, Pretend It Didn't Happen and Leaving Joe. Currently, Sheila Ganz consults with adoption agencies and screens her documentary at colleges and universities nationwide. For more information visit:

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